Obesity And Paleo Diet

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Obesity, a term used by the medical professionals, is connected to the excess body fat that has accumulated to some extent in the human body. It has some negative effects on the human body leading to the severe reduction in life expectancy and also it increases other major health problems.

Obesity, in some cases is the root cause of some diseases, mainly type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, heart disease and certain types of cancer. The main cause of obesity could be the lack of physical activity, excessive food energy intake, and also genetic susceptibility. However, these are not the only causes of obesity, but it has been seen is some cases, where obesity is caused by endocrine disorders, psychiatric illness, medications or genes. There are some evidences available where it can be seen that some people who are suffering from obesity, consume very less amount of food but still they gain a lot of weight because of a very slow metabolism which is limited. If we look at it in an average base, people suffering from obesity have the greater ratio of energy expenditure than the people who are not obese at all. It is because of the energy requirement to maintain the increased body mass so the expenditure of energy would also be higher.

The two types of treatment which can cure obesity are physical exercise and dieting. The quality of the diet can be improved by reducing consumption of energy-dense foods, like the food products which have a higher quantity of sugars and fat, and replace them with the consumption of dietary fibre. Paleo diet is a great diet regime in which the weight of the follower can be lost dramatically if the diet plan is set up by a professional dietician or a nutritionist. There are also anti-obesity drugs available nowadays, which can be taken to decrease the rate of fat absorption along with your diet plan, and it can also be taken to reduce the appetite. If any means of getting rid of obesity i.e. exercise, medication and diet plans are not effective for a sufferer, then a surgery may be performed to reduce the stomach fat and volume, or a gastric balloon could assist with the weight loss.

Weight Loss in Paleo Diet

The first and the most important question which comes to mind is “how much can you lose?” Paleo diet is a kind of diet regime, which is capable of providing you many great things which you desire. One of the best and the greatest things which Paleo diet can provide you is getting rid of obesity and the potential weight loss which you will be parting your ways when you take on this amazing diet.

The idea is, to stick to this diet plan, and as long as you will stick to it, you will gradually lose the weight which you do not wish to carry everywhere you go. Now that means you are authorize to stick with those food products which are carefully selected for you, having the correct amount of nutrition right according to your body needs and is of right nutritional standards. Now you should consider yourself very lucky because the food products which are in Paleo diet will be very helpful and the wide variety will make it easy for you to fight against obesity.

After you commit yourself to the Paleo diet and you start following it, you will see some positive results when you will lose at least 5 to 10 pounds in the first month or two months. For a starter it might not be like a giant leap forward, but you do not have to worry about it because while you are reducing weight, you also are consuming healthy food. This rate of losing weight is however, thought to be very healthy and safe. It is because that dramatic starvation and rapid nutrient loss could be very harmful to the human body experience.

The response of Paleo diet could differ in different cases, and with regards to weight loss. The responses will relate heavily to these important things;

  • Age – however younger people will be able to lose weight easier

  • Metabolic rate

  • Personal genetics

  • Current state of health

It is an established fact that to lose weight, one needs to burn more calories than the actual intake, and the best exercise to do so is to eat a low-fat, balanced and healthy diet. Paleo diet is designed in such a way to combat the problems of obesity take full control. However, there are so many diet programs in which an individual is hungry at all times because the intake is very low. Since Paleo diet revolves around the theory regarding our great ancestors, and what they ate, what you get in reply is, a very high protein, high vegetable and fruit diet with a moderate amounts of fat. These also include relatively high quantities of healthful monounsaturated and omega-3 fats.

Protein unlike carbohydrate or fat is believed to have a larger thermic effect, which means it helps in the metabolism boost leading to a speedy weight loss. Also protein has a quality to make you feel full unlike other diets, which stops your appetite to grow. Weight loss in first few weeks of the Paleo diet may be rapid in some cases, because the consumption of carbohydrates will be very low and the water which is expelled from your body, and could result in some of the side effects like bad breath, lethargy, and headaches.

These are some of the benefits of Paleo diet while tackling obesity.

  • There is no need of exercise plan.

  • The essential fatty acids intakes will be higher.

  • The focus will be on the fresh fruits and vegetables, which will reduce the risk of many chronic diseases from developing like diabetes, different types of cancer and heart disease.

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