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So many people these days seem to be following the Paleo diet, or the Stone Age diet. A Paleo diet is a modern diet which is based upon the diet followed by the Paleolithic humans or the Stone Age man. Oh well, now don’t go about thinking you got to eat exactly like the cave people did. There are some variations of course.

The Paleolithic diet

Since the genetics of humans have remained same over time, it is normally assumed that the modern man is quite adaptable to the paleo diet. This diet normally consists of

  • Fish

  • Grass fed pasture raised meat (animals which are solely fed pure grassy stuff and not additives)

  • Eggs

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits and fungi

  • Edible roots

  • Nuts

The diet excludes the following

  • Grains

  • Legumes

  • Dairy products

  • Refined salt

  • Refined sugar

  • Processed oils

The philosophy behind the paleo diet

The basic idea or assumption behind the paleo diet is that if we follow the diet of our forefathers, who had a rather long and fruitful life. They were healthier and strong and were less prone to diseases. Similarly if we eat what they ate we will also experience the same benefits which the Paleolithic diet had for them.

Physical activity along with the paleo diet

Most physicians argue that the paleo diet must be fortified with at least some form of exercise. This is because the human body is adapted to a lifestyle which is pretty much active. Take the example of out forefathers who used to perform several activities like cultivating and harvesting their own food. Though it is not quite possible to achieve this in today’s times, yet doing some sort of physical activity like aerobics, yoga or cardio along with the paleo diet will help people become healthier.

What’s in the e-book

Though we all know what a paleo diet is and how it came in to existence, yet there are many questions which remain unanswered even today. Basic questions like what to include in a paleo diet or whether artificial sweeteners can be used in a paleo diet and so on. All these questions are answered in a simple and straight forward manner in this beautiful and colorful E book “Your Guide to Paleo”. The book has the following agenda

  • Loose weight naturally

  • Feel energetic and refreshed

  • Enjoy delicious paleo recipes

Often people think that going paleo would mean having drab food without any enjoyment, but this E-book proves this assumption to be totally wrong. In fact there are so many delicious and mouth watering recipes which guide you towards going completely paleo, following a healthy life style and looking and feeling great as well. When on Paleo you will see a huge difference in the way you look and feel. There have been a hundred testimonials of people who have chosen the Paleo lifestyle.

The pros of paleo lifestyle

There are many pros of the book

  • The book provides complete guidelines of how to adapt totally to a paleo lifestyle and the ways to incorporate it in your life.

  • By following a few basic rules and principles you can loose quite a few pounds and remain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • The book also points out in a step by step fashion, the importance of going paleo and why it’s essential to go paleo for life.

  • The book is divided in to many parts so that you can get to know all about the Paleolithic diet in any easy to understand way.

  • Each of the five parts of the ebook deal with a completely different facet of paleo diet for example

    Part 1 deals with paleo nutrition.

    Part 2 deals with paleo foods and all the foods which you thought were not paleo but in actual are a part of the paleo diet.

    Part 3 deals with foods to avoid when on a paleo diet.

    Part 4 basically consists of recipes, recipes which are easy to understand and make. This is perhaps the most important part of this book and that is to make recipes which are not only delicious but also pretty simple.

    Part 5 deals with adapting to a paleo lifestyle and the advantages and importance of going paleo.

Who can benefit from this book?

Well just about anyone can benefit from this book. Whether you have already adapted a paleo lifestyle and would like to read and learn about it a little more. Whether you are thinking of going paleo or simply if you just want to learn what paleo is all about.

Why should I buy this e-book?

  • This book contains all the information you will ever need to know about paleo diet

  • The information presented in this book is simple and easy to understand with beautiful and vivid graphics which will stay with you for the longest possible time and is super easy to understand.

  • Since it’s an e-book you get instant access and don’t have to wait around for delivery. You can start living a paleo lifestyle as soon as you click on the order button.

  • This book also contains 2 free cheat sheets, which enable you to cheat a bit on your paleo lifestyle without having to compromise on its basic principles.

  • Buying this book is the easiest way of getting your life back on trek with all that extra energy, lovely skin and sexy body.

  • This book helps you get a rein on your life and get your life back on track.

What if I am not satisfied with the book and its contents?

Well this is the real thing because if you don’t like the book you get your full money back. How many people are willing to pay your money back if you don’t approve of their product, well these guys will surely do so. So rest assured that you are investing your hard earned money in something which will change your whole life!

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