Vegan Diet And Paleo Diet

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Vegan Diet Along With Paleo Diet

As we all know about Paleo diet, that it is a fantastic diet program to steer your life on a highway of health. But if you are a follower of any other diet plan and you wish to shift to Paleo diet, the only thing which is making you hesitant not to commit because you are a vegan. You are very concerned that the source of proteins will be eliminated completely then you do not need to worry about because you can stay a vegan while you stick to the Paleo diet. Protein is so special that it can be found in abundance at the place where you least expect them and with the little bit of hard work and dedication, planning and research, and in Paleo diet you can built up a program which could give you all the healthy nutrients from vegetables. The main source of proteins in known vegan diet are beans, rice, and soy products, but they are all excluded from the Paleo diet, so the next question which springs to mind is, in Paleo diet, which products should provide the necessary quota of protein in order to stay healthy?

Vegetables enriched with Protein

There is a long list of vegetables where protein is found in high abundance. The most common question asked to the vegans that, what is their main source of protein because they do not consume any meat products and how would they survive the Paleo diet. Well, the answer to that question would be the protein extracted from the vegetables are more common than anyone expects. There are so many items which falls under the category of vegan, and also fits perfectly well in Paleo diet, and also have a large quantity of protein, which are;

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Watercress
  • Pumpkin
  • Asparagus
  • Spinach
  • Okra

Although it is possible to be a vegan and at the same time follow Paleo diet, but it is not as easy as it might sound, there might be some sort of struggle in the beginning, and you do not have to get disappointed or distracted, instead you can always modify the Paleo diet program by changing either part of it, Paleo or vegan part in order to eat easily. Use hemp which is an excellent source of protein and can be found easily, or you can also use quinoa, which is a grain-like seed and can be eaten like rice or pasta. If you wish to modify the vegan part of the diet, then focus on sprouted beans or legumes. If you wish to feast yourself with the meat occasionally or have a craving, then you should choose exotic meat rather than the daily one, like goose, rabbit, caribou etc, but you can always work hard to maintain the vegan diet part and Paleo part intact.

Seeds and nuts

There are so many nuts and seeds which are already under Paleo diet, some of them known as walnuts, cashews, almonds, and many more. We need to be really careful when we are consuming them though, because as they are enriched with all the vital protein which we need, they could also be higher in fat and calories which we would need to avoid. It is very important for us to balance the intake of seeds and nuts with other food items if we wish to get the best results which we have set for our goals like weight loss, muscle building, healthy lifestyle etc. Salted nuts are however, prohibited in the Paleo diet.


Now as we all know, legumes are not exactly something we call pure Paleo, but when you turn to Paleo diet and then put the vegan diet part in it then we should get all the nutrients and protein we can get staying within the boundary of our diet. There have been various studies on different types of beans and it has been established that a particular type of bean called edamame contains 1:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrate. The quantity of protein in legumes is so high that it has 17 grams of it in 1 cup of legumes. On the other hand the other beans are not as good as edamame. For example black beans have only 9 grams of proteins and 24 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams. If you add a cup of edamame to your diet then this way, you will get 65 grams of protein from that single cup which will be really beneficial.


It could be very difficult for an individual to make changes in your existing diet plan, whether you are following a vegan diet and adding the Paleo diet in it or vice versa. Make very small changes to motivate yourself to adapt the new diet program and try to stay focus at every part of it, rather than getting distracted and giving it up completely when any hiccup comes your way. You can also mix and match with the different food products and recipes which are already in your diet plan and experiment to the extent which works for you ideally. With a little bit of help and effort, you will be able to find a diet plan which will be vegan, Paleo, sustainable, healthy, and suits you well.


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